2015 R.I.P Little Brother “Demetris Gorham” youngest Top Earner – Founder/Co-founder Mca Network Academy

Demetris Gorham

2015 R.I.P Little Brother “Demetris Gorham” youngest Top

Earner – Founder/Co-founder Mca Network Academy





As your reading this which is

Hard to really type and convay





To the world, because on FEB 14th 2015

I lost not only My little brother and family but





MY business partner and bestfriend

Which words cant explain – as your reading

This “Demetris Gorham” came into

This industry at 18 years of age





At 19 he had his first 6-figure year

and that’s not just from building A team





of thousands, he also sold his own stuff that

Actually changed peoples life’s which Demetris





was then labeled the youngest Top Earner

in mca history – Most couldn’t believe it





but he could, which was crazy all

he did was go shopping all the time, Take vacations





and rent out 5star hotels, He did what

he want whenever he wanted – the Freedom

lifestyle, But it was not always like this





see before the come-up he went through struggle

nights not being able to eat , hearing gun shots

in his neighborhood he didn’t really have





much but hoop dreams , he knew that college wasn’t

his vision , so he worked at the Zoo in Atlanta which he lived





but soon left after getting his dre beats robbed

so he began actually looking for ways to make

money – so he at first started fixing and re-selling iphones





just to get cash but then he was robbed at GUN POINT!

So he too lost his besfriend on his birthday who got shot

In the head , he knew after that day his life changed





He then STARTED LOOKING online reading articles

kinda Like the one your reading now and

Saw the potential in the opportunity





That changed his life…..








demetris gorham





 demetris gorhamdemetris gorham



Well from what you can see YES which then

he along the lines decided the birth the

“ Mca Network Academy “ which gave a





community like no other – he changed lifes

at only 19 years old reaching 20 and the whole

team was crushing it without picking up A phone, All Was good





but… on feb 14th 2015 valentines day unfortunately

my little brother passed – which tore me apart forever





and on that day my life changed knowing now he’s

not here, we cant take vacations anymore together





go out to fancy restaurants together, even

talk about helping more people HERE who are

Struggling and cant feed their family together





One thing he did was GIVE!, and that’s something

Rare yall find in this industry that you will never find

Anywhere alse but from the Academy





I know your looking down on me little bro watching

And don’t worry the Academy will still continue and

Will finish what we STARTED


Mca Network Academy




















my little brother VISION was to see more 500 people reach 5k monthly

and that VISON will remain HERE at the Academy



lets crush it 2015