What is Empower Network? After Reading, You will Either Make an Excuse OR Make a Decision!

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marketing hype is all about and raving,ranting,

about this company and how…It’s Retired

this Cancer survivor from the pit-holes of a 9-5 so Pay Attention!!!

empower network

FIRST, Let’s Start Off with the Testimonials…:)

Testimonial from Jonathan Belcher, from Queens New York

Testimonial from the man F-MAC, all the way from the UK..

Testimonial from the man Paul Evans, All the way from the UK…

Testimonial from Alicha Sebastien, from long Island New York..

Testimonial from Chris Dacres, From Queens New York

Now, A little about me…

My name is Jamel Turner & i am 23 years old. I’ve failed over and over again in various offline marketing companies in the past.

Important info about me below!!

I recently went through something not others can say they went through I can remember going a year back when I was fighting Stage 4 cancer which was rare, the crazy part about this situation this cancer I went through & beat is the same cancer my mother passed away from recently which left me in the most depressed state of mind, I lost my father when I was 3 years old, so only thing that keeps me going is knowing my mother’s spirit is watching.


“Empower Network” Simple Question Answered

joined Empower Network, that I FINALLY started to have success with this industry. Why? Because the training has taught me how to ATTRACT customers to my business instead of me having to strenuously ‘beg’ people to join me.

In other words, I’ve learned how to get people to ‘LOVE’ buying from me. Instead of having to chase down friends & family. (Thanks to the Empower Network.)

So, why WOULDN’T you want to gain access to that same training??

Why wouldn’t you want to make thousands per month, like me, from home, from only 2-3 hours of work per day??

Would you like to REPLACE your current job income in just a few short months?

Would you like to earn 1K, 5K, 10K, or even 20K dollars a MONTH from the comforts of your home?

Would you like to get people to LOVE buying from YOU?

Ok then, the opportunity is still on the table..

You can JOIN HERE.



what is empower network HUGE CHECKS! what is empower network Over $200,000 Checks from EMPOWER NETWORK! what is empower Network Second Empower Network Event in San Diego, California! what is empower Network $619,435 Check!! 100% Commissions PAYS BIG!what is empower Network


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in Austin, TX. Including Me 🙂 what is empower Network People From All Walks of Life are MAKING IT HAPPEN with Empower Network:) . Life-Changing Incomes & Experiences! what is empower Network This Guy Spent his RENT Money to Get Into Empower Network. Now Look at What He’s Cashing In!! 🙂

Nearly $60,000! what is empower Network Wow!! Empower Network is Helping SO MANY 🙂

what is empower Network CHECKS! CHECKS! CHECKS!

Jamel Turner, Why Should I Choose You to Be My Sponsor?

1) I OPENLY & WILLINGLY put MY phone number out there on the internet, which should automatically PROVE to you that I make myself REACHABLE and approachable.

How many sponsors do you know that does this?? I know, not many lol..

I am able to see results like this on a daily basis & help others see it as well 🙂

I also help as many people as possible & receive messages like this,

helping people get on the first page of google & youtube is just one of my teachings 🙂

what is empower Network

3) My sponsor & I have actually started a facebook group for the entire team a few months ago.

The purpose of the group is to help EVERYBODY apart of our team to be able to talk with one another, share ideas with each other, ask questions, and essentially help each other achieve success as fast as possible.

This makes it so that you are NOT alone when you become a member. You will be a part of community of people who have similar goals to you and over 150+ people who are there & WILLING to help/support you in your journey to success!

4) We have a secret training platform for ONLY the members on our team to get access to for FREE! Shows you everything from how to blog, what to blog about, to how to get TONS of traffic and leads to your business using various strategies. (free & paid)

(This training site is CRUCIAL because it will leverage YOUR time when you start to get people into your Empower business.)

Meaning that you won’t have to answer a million questions PER DAY from different members on your team, all you’d have to do is plug them into the training website where 90% of their questions WILL be answered. WE’VE TOOK THE TIME TO MAKE THE TRAINING SITE TO HELP YOU MAKE MORE & MORE MONEY IN LESS TIME!!!

5) I am friends with EVERY last member on my team on facebook so I make myself as available as possible! I am here to help. I am not going anywhere. I NEED you to succeed..

6) I would not have been able to have ANY success or help others have ANY success without the help & support of my team. They are the reason I do what I do and they keep me inspired to help YOU out..

The Opportunity is STILL on the Table..

You can>>>> JOIN HERE<<<< What is Empower Network? Empower Network is an internet marketing company that teaches you how to get massive results without any of the hassles that are normally associated with a home business. The product of Empower Network ARE the actual training products. (which you get access to on your computer once you become a member. You don’t get any ACTUAL cd’s mailed to your house or anything.) Empower Network is also an

affiliate program that allows you to earn 100% commissions and earn a large income from home by promoting EN’s products. How Much Money Can You Make? It’s entirely up to you. We have lots of people who join Empower Network because they want to earn a few hundred dollars a week.. ..And we have people who use “Empower Network” to earn a few thousand dollars PER DAY! (all depends on the EFFORT you put into your business.. afterall, this IS a business.) IF

you put about 2-3 hours per day into your business… IF you follow the training Empower Network gives you… IF you remain consistent in your efforts.. …and IF you follow the training I give you as your sponsor & mentor then you will make money! PERIOD! WARNING: Results Vary from Person to Person. So, If you are SERIOUS about making the money you say you want to make then… You Can >>>JOIN HERE<<<< How Quickly Can You Make Money? It all depends on how fast you want to go? We have members on our team who earn money in their first month.. .. Their first week… (as you can see in the above testimonial videos) .. Even Their first DAY… It all depends on how quickly you can get into action and follow Empower Network’s & our team’s System!! So…Take Advantage of this opportunity you have in front of you &..>>>JOIN HERE<<<

Well Jamel, I Don’t Have Any Experience with this Business…

That is okay.

95% of the people on the team didn’t have ANY experience with this business prior to joiningEmpower Network, yet they are working the simple-to-follow system & GETTING RESULTS & MAKING MONEY.

P.S. The Secret Training Website our team has is NEWBIE Friendly & actually shows you step-by-step, what to do. (on a computer screen)

So, as long as you have eyes to see a mouse move, fingers that move, & ears to hear what is being said, you’ll be alright!!

(even being deaf and/or blind isn’t an excuse because BOTH blind & deaf people are in Empower Network.. AND they ARE MAKING MONEY!!!) <—- THAT’S WHY I LOVE EMPOWER NETWORK!! So… All the training is provided. We’ll show you how to build your own leads list from scratch (which is exciting)….and you can start making money right away! At this point, you don’t seem to have excusitis… So, the opportunity is STILL on the table for you.. You can >>>JOINHERE<<<

But Jamel, How Can Blogging Make Me Money?



The same way it has been earning internet marketers lots of money since day 1. It is an advertising cash cow!

Blogging allows you to share your thoughts, share what you know, advertise your businesses, and share your value with the world. Your blog is there to HELP you promote your Empower Network business as well as ANYTHING else you’d like to talk about & promote!

Blogs are like pieces of Real Estate scattered all over the web, advertising for you while you eat, sleep, or on vacation.

P.S. The more blogs you have out there on the web, the more traffic you will get to your business. The more traffic you get to your business, the more money you will make. PERIOD!

Ask yourself: how can anybody consider joining my business if NOBODY knows it even exists?? (this is why blogging is important)

BLOGGING enforces your presence!

What Does it Cost to Get Started?

It costs $25 to get started at the basic level .

IF you want to earn money as an affiliate of “Empower Network”, you will also have to invest an affiliate fee of $19.95 to get started. (you can pay the $25 to get started and then the $19.95 affiliate fee LATER if you want.)

In other words, if you want to get started making money right away, you will have to invest $45 TOTAL at the basic level.

What Do I Get at the Basic Level?

At the basic level, you get a viral blogging system that is set up FOR YOU..

you get sales funnel videos that does the selling FOR YOU..

you get 8 training videos telling you how to get started and what to do..

you get weekly Empower Hour Conference calls which helps you develop as a LEADER and Businessman/Woman…

…and you get to choose from a selection of capture pages to use to generate leads with! etc..

What are All the Products of Empower Network?

1) Basic Training Product (costs $25 a month)

2) Inner Circle Training Product (costs $100 a month)

3) Costa Rica Intensive Product (one-time payment of $500)

4) 15K Formula Product (one-time payment of $997)

P.S. You can ONLY earn 100% commissions from selling a product you OWN as an Empower Network affiliate.

In other words, if you purchase the Basic Training Product and the Inner Circle Product, but NOT the Costa Rica Product or the 15K Formula Product ..


You will ONLY be entitled to earn $25 and $100 commissions from the people you recruit into your business! You will lose out on $500 and $1,000 commissions.

Yes, The Products are THAT Good!

Each product will give you the training needed to earn THAT MUCH money, at that level. So if you want to work towards earning at LEAST $15,000 per month as fast as possible then you shall invest in the 15K Formula Product.

like & share 🙂

~Jamel Turner

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