New Facebook Updates Gone Wrong “How you can Get around It”

New Facebook Updates Gone Wrong “How you can Get around It”


Here are some things you really need to know about Facebook… PURE TRAFFIC AT IT’S BEST!!!

Let me explain why, When you first get involved trying to learn the how to ….

Then feel lost & really don’t know who to turn to, This  may drive you crazy trying to find the answers,

I can relate because this marketing world is Big & full info but, YOU need the real facts right?…Pay Attention & keep Reading.



First thing first..Why Use Facebook? Well being that Facebook is one of the most highly targeted traffic sites and ranked Top 3 sites Global,

it makes sense to tap into this but how?….Well you need to understand people on Facebook go their for what? Entertainment and connecting,

So what can you do when actually promoting your MCA Business or ANY business of that matter…”Dominate The Newsfeed!!!”

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How To Dominate Facebook Newsfeed & “Get Eyes To You”

How To Find Your “Target Audience”

How To Get People “Without Spamming & Being Annoying” 


As well Facebook Recently has made A-Lot of changes Updates that

most are not pleased about…considering the Promotion

options seem missing, So it seems lol….But here is how to get

around it “See Below”…

New Facebook Updates Gone Wrong “How you can Get around It”


See I understand it may get frustrating when all the “Gurus”

Hide all the secrets from complete newbies or others

struggling so I want you to really take this info and Apply It!!! 🙂


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-Jamel Turner


I Remember Before having success and helping Complete newbies

out the struggle I was just average College Kid Working at

retail Store Making minimum wage trying to get by

and actually got sick Fighting Cancer for year/Half…

But then… I started listening to the right people after

surviving and got involved in this industry with

BIGGER purpose then most…“To Help Others Not 

Go Through The Pain I Did”


So Lets Really Crush 2014! 🙂