on page seo

On-Page seo, Tactic’s for the lazy

On-Page seo, Tactic’s for the lazy




Most people have trouble with

“Getting Traffic” Which if you have

ACCESS to what we have I go over



Some real ninja Tactics that

Will help you get to the Top

Of  YouTube search , How can



That benefit you? Well imagine

Being at the Top of YouTube

& when somebody type in

Something & press enter BOOM!

Your at the top search for what

They type in which goes into




So what is on-Page Seo & HOW Does It work




You may ask? well, SEO means (search engine optimization)

Which im not going to bore you o death

With all these terms, it just means being

On the search engines when people



Look stuff up, kinda like HOW you probably

Found me – isn’t that amazing lol



But… What are the Things you really

Need to do in order to start being able

To see yourself on Top, well,




Mastering some Off-page Seo tactic’s



Will allow this to happen if you “Pay Close




Using some of these tactic’s will help you Rank

Higher on YouTube which means: you

Seen at the top when somebody types



In something certain that they are looking for

So make sure you have everything set

Up right to dominate the competition


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-Jamel Turner

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