Who am I

I would like to welcome you to my blog site & all of the content i carry on this page, Big question is who am i & why should you listen to me? Well before all of this success & having 10k months along with my team i went through failure after failure in this online marketing thing.


My Story 

Jamel here,

well i have a story that most say is unreal and may shock you at me being so young at age. Before all this success and my team having success and having this freedom lifestyle  i was fighting stage 4 rare cancer  last year.


But wait their is more to the story. My mother passed away actually from the same rare cancer I survived, They could not treat my mothers cancer because she had a bad heart which was found out when she was diagnosed( if you don’t have a strong heart you can’t go through chemo).



Thats my tragic story in a nutshell but i always remember the words she use to tell me when she was in that hospital bed she could not speak because  the cancer spread throughout her brain, Imagine looking at someone you love so much & all you can do is look at them but they can not speak to you….Well that what i felt but that day she kept humming something to me each time i looked at her

& being that my mother was such a positive and inspiring person i knew she was telling me something positive & great…


my mother always told me i would be succesful & help others do the same & here i am helping people do just that….You may be going through something worse you may be going through struggle but there is something that everyone wants when things get like this & that is…Change.


Are you ready for a change? 


success in the making 

being able to travel the world do what i want when i want & help others do the same simply through a 3 step process i teach my team I’m able to live the freedom lifestyle



at events with people making over 30k a month



But me & my team aren't the only ones making it...you are saying yea right huh? See below 🙂



Room was filled with ordinary people just like me that are making over 10k a month as well,,,



I am now a multi-level marketer & business developer who greatly understands the importance of helping others and taking action in order to succeed. Nothing is better than witnessing someone prosper by using a system I've referred to or taught by me to do. My ultimate goal is to grow my marketing network through teaching prospects in a way that duplicate for them as well as teach another person how to build and run a network. But most of all, I value having all the free time and leverage to enjoy the life i live!

p.s. I can teach you how i am able to make a living off just blogging through my 3 step process..... Check out one of my banners... later.