Set Intention Mechanisms For 2015

Set Intention Mechanisms For 2015

 set clear intention


One of the biggest things that really

Made me struggle in this was (Not having

A Clear Intention set)…This actually



Is something that holds A-lot of

People back from actually Hitting

There goals they intended on



So how can you “set intention mechanisms

For 2015?”



First know what you want & why?



Most get in and all I hear from people

Who contact me for help from emails ,

Inboxes,comments is: “I want to make money”



Which is fine but…if that is your core reason

Why? Then your going to struggle for a very

Long time because you need something



With more intention of WHY your doing

This & what is it that you actually want

For yourself and your family


Well – of course we want nice things,

The cars the big houses and materialistic

Things, But what are you actually fighting for?



Yourself, family, maybe somebody you want

To actually help in a way that you never thought

You could have before…Again BACK TO WHY?



Once you know what you want & why, nothing

Will get in your way from crushing it in this.



Set Monthly goal then Break it down to Daily goals to Reach your

Monthly goal



see you may be planning months ahead which is

the best thing to do when planning out your set

goals but you will never hit them keeping them

Big monthly goals



You need to know how to break them down

By daily so each things falls into place and you

Wont overwhelm yourself with so much



Have Core Plans in place



See what we have here is kinda different

Because the core things that drive the way

I do things are simple…



-Read Daily

-Listen to Audio daily

blog, Tell others, Get money


doing these things allowed me to hit goals

I never thought I hit just from following

Those simple steps



Never give and & forget the naysayers


Of course your going to have people hate on

You and bash you because your actually involved

In something that has changed your life



And your friends and family may not

See your Vision you have set out for

Your best interest, don’t worry it will pass




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-Jamel Turner

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