The Basics of setting up Auto-responder’s

As your reading this, I really want you to start understanding some key things here

that you may have actually never been told about when Getting STARTED in this



….See most people are stuck wondering about traffic, well, getting Traffic is one

thing but, what about when you start to have thousands of visitors coming to

you & your actually getting 10,20, or EVEN 30-40 leads a day asking:



“What Do you Do?” you actually need to be able to contact people

& what better way to do that is by ‘EMAIL!!!’



See when you go into stores what is the first thing they ask you for

when checking out your email right? So they can contact you



but how are you going to be able to contact hundreds of people

in a few short minutes “Using  A Auto-Responder” 


their are plenty of different ones to choose from

But “Watch Video’s  Below


Learn How To Set Up Auto-responder 



Learn How To Create Follow-up Messages 



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-Jamel Turner

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