“Wake up now scam” ? Hidden agendas revealed right now

I am sure you all have been hearing all this new marketing hype going on about Wakeupnow and

you’re probably wondering what this company has to offer for your liking? Well, honestly, I was too yet like you when



I first heard the crazy news going around about this benefits/service providing company. So I started doing my

prospective research (is Wakeupnow really a scam though?)  and I was somewhat surprised to see the substantial

income numerous people were clocking income  in with this company called, Wakeupnow! But… I continued researching further into this…Keep Reading



So if you are reading this post about “Wake up now scam” ? Hidden agendas revealed right now

Is because you know as a person this info will be vital for you

and you will see the real reason behind all the allegations.



Honestly I really give you gratitude for being

actually ah little skeptic  about the situation




The wakeupnow scam is something I can relate

Because I was once the same way when it came

to  companies like this.



My thoughts at first about this company was there is no way possible this is real (so I thought) 

so I  started searching results about this

“ WakeUpNow Scam”... all over google

or if you break it down “Wake up now scam”

But I actually found a lot of mixed reactions about this company.



Some people where not telling all the hidden info & as well

Others were bashing the opportunity and I saw

wake up now all over news feeds, & articles.



But It was crazy to me is how people would try to say its a scam

then quick to go off subject about other topics just

to make me interested in what they offered.

but soon enough i started seeing a pattern about people

giving bad comments on this company.

this is why i started doing my own research


Wakeupnow scam” Is this Really a scam

i decided to find out more info about this so called wakeupnow

so i decided to reach out to the BBB. I contacted the

Better Business Bureau to get hidden info behind this so called  wake up now scam .

They are known to have all the REAL” info behind  MLM companies

but I found out that they had an B-rating….Not bad at all.

wake up now bbb



But its not accredited so  KEEP READING

This info i ran across was actually a big deal  being that they are the “Top” people for info like this



I found out about this business.

I then decided to call Wakeupnow company

itself to test run to see if they really offer the Benefits,Deals,& Services they claim.



They verified the Benefits,Deals,& Services but I then reached out to others involved & as well

I also reached out to Hotel services/lodging and resorts to see if they had done

business with them and I later found out they have.

So this whole time this WakeUpNow Scam did not exist.(I smiled) 🙂

This is a real company that is owning up to what they say & what they offer.



When you think of Wake Up Now you think of telling someone to wake up.

But this is actually a business.

To help you save, manage, and earn money.

There are different reports about Wake Up Now that have been put out.  Some of the

reports vary between good and bad.

wake up now scam

“Wake up now scam” Benefits 

I was actually  tired of being worried  about finances all of the time

i know when i was fighting cancer

last year i did not know what to do after, But i started thinking ahead & thats what

i want you to do right now is think ahead.

i want you to plan your financial health because it can be the best thing that

you have ever done.




That is where wake up now will come into play.

It is the belief of the company that they can

help individuals just like you savemanage and even make money.

You might want to discover the benefits of wake up now before you decide if you would like to give it a shot or not.

That is why you will want to keep reading.

Here are a few of the most common benefits:



1. If you sign up for autopay you will receive the opportunity to get coupons for food, dining and otheramazing items.  You will even be able to take advantage of bargains such as buy one get one free.

2. You are going to receive a low price on any hotel reservations that you make when you are a member of wake up now.  You can travel more often because it will be much cheaper for you.

3. It will be possible for you to see all of your accounts in one location.  This helps you become more organized and save time when you are managing your finances.

“Wake up now scam” ? What Is this business about

when you join Wake up now This business is all about giving savings to individuals.

When you sign up the goal is

for you to sign up three people under you.  This is how you will earn your money.

You will then help those three

individuals sign people up.  The more individuals that are signed up the more money you will make.

you will receive training that will help you recruit individuals.  Once you recruit three individuals then your monthly fee is covered100%.



when you become a Platinum IBO you will receive ten weeks discounted vacation.

What this means is that you

won’t have to worry about blackout dates and there are no presentations for timeshares.

The compensation plan has four different items to it & i can say this comp plan may sound confusing but stay with me & keep reading 




You have personal volume (PV), Qualified Group

Volume(QGV), Sponsorship, and Enrollment & Check matches.

The PV is accomplished when you enroll yourself.

The QGV is accomplished by your group generating sales.

As the QGV grows then so will your pay.  The

Sponsorship is where individuals come into the organization.  The Enrollment & Check matches are accomplished

by a sign up of a new customer which is done with a specific link that Wake Up Now has provided.




If you need more info on the compensation plan click here




wake up now scam

The Wake Up Now scam information can be found on numerous different websites.

It is up to you to choose what

you would like to believe but, Being involved with wake up now I can say

it is not a scam at all.  It’s hard when



someone is waving money pretty much in front of your face trying to get you involved, That attracts the wrong people.

people are even ranting about the vacations aren’t  real… Click here to see what the hype is about 🙂


 Wake up now scam? Basic conclusion

ok so you know what wakeupnow has to offer & the Benefits are something you need to have but,

You want to take off in this and get the best out of this opportunity,

when joining any business you are going to need eyes on what your selling or nobody will buy anything,



When you pay your $99.95 you will receive your Bonus

  • How to rank on top websites of google & youtube 
  • %10 Percent conversion sales funnel
  • Learn How to Build a Team Fast 
  • Getting Traffic
  • Leads generation
  • Targeted Lead Generation
  • Up Selling Secrets
  • Unreleased Craigslist Secrets
  • Instagram Training 
  • Facebook Training without spamming 
  • Seo Training
  • and much more….

But it will be you at the end of the day to determine your success by putting in your info below and

making a decision…




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